A surge in the number of licenses Renewed through Auto-renewal process

Lavin Nalinababu, Business Consultancy


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    The Business Registration and Licensing Sector’s auto renewal service has proved to be a huge success in Dubai. The increase in the number of licenses renewed via the service proves the fact. There has been an increase of 47 percent and the number stood at a whopping 73,404, during the first half of 2019.

    Among these licenses renewed, 73.2 percent were commercial, 24 percent professional, 2.2 percent industrial and 0.6 percent were related to tourism.

    Licenses can be renewed for a period of up to four years and for this the lease must be valid. If the license is being renewed for more than a year, the number of years should be specified in the text message. Also, there shouldn’t be any change in the location of the company; it should be same as that of the previous year.

    The auto-renewal service sees to it that a text message is sent to the license holders to inform them about the date of renewal. This will be sent a week before the license gets expired and the message will also carry details on the service channels and steps to complete the renewal process. The service covers more than 2,200 commercial activities.

    External approvals are not required to carry out the renewal process. But, for transportation by public taxi, transportation by limousine, rent-a-car, and non-emergency transportation services, the Roads and Transport Authority’s permission is obligatory. This is in addition to inbound and outbound tours, related to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

    Some of the major activities for which the licenses were auto-renewed in the first half of the year include general trade, ready made clothing, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and spare parts, gifts, dyes and paints, textiles, plumbing and sanitary installations, and carpentry and flooring.

    Business licences can be auto renewed in two simple steps and in less than two minutes and that is the reason why people are embracing it whole-heartedly.

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