Are you Updated with the Visa Amendments in UAE?

Jay krishnan, Partner


Changes in visa regulations in UAE has been one of the hottest topics of discussion in the last few days. The UAE government has been coming up with various changes in the visa formalities, almost everyday and the best part is that these regulations are meant to make the lives of expats much easier. Let’s check out the changes in UAE visa rules that has been announced of late.

Widows, divorcees and their kids living in the UAE can apply for a one-year residency visa without a sponsor. The move is highly appreciative as it gives an opportunity to them to adjust to the situation and take care of final settlements, if any. One-year visa period is calculated from the date of death of the spouse and in the case of divorces, the date when the couple divorced.

Expats illegally staying in the emirates even after visa expiration can heave a sigh of relief as a three-month general visa amnesty will be granted by the government under a scheme entitled ‘Protect Yourself via Rectifying Your Status’. This will help the illegal residents to either leave the country or pay the required fees and rectify their legal status. The scheme will commence from 1st August and end on 31st October.

The list doesn’t end here. Another group who are going to be benefited by the humanitarian nature of UAE government are citizens from countries that are experiencing conflict or natural disasters. Expats from countries that are affected by conflict will be granted a one-year residency visa without any visa fine.

Another alteration in policy comes with respect to transit passengers. They can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the city with a free visa for 48 hours and if they fell like prolonging their stay for another 48 hours, all they have to do is pay an amount of 50 Dirhams.

The relaxation in visa policies comes as a blessing for foreigners in need. The initiative by the UAE government in making UAE an expat friendly country is something that deserves a round of applause.

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