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Dubai flower center acts as a trans-shipment center for cool repetitive processes that effectively safeguard product quality, and maximize shelf life hence enhancing profitability and maintained standard quality. This horticulture growth hub has easy access to  Dubai International Airport. It has achieved  stable growth of horticulture industry over a period of time. There has been immense and remarkable  growth in the world market for perishables that include flowers and  Dubai Flower Centre is an innovation for  commercial solution to ensure quality and increase of profits in the industry.

The whole process in Dubai Flower Centre is tightly controlled from plane to consignee therefore, preventing break in the supply chain. The flower center was developed to handle flower imports and exports as Dubai is a major hub for the export and import of flowers. This greatly called for the incorporation of specialist facilities in order to handle these perishable valuable goods. Today,  Dubai Flower Centre strives to be the best amongst other cool chain managements in the world. It uses facilities and resources to add value to products with reasonable cost towards  the services.

As a matter of urgency, the first phase was completed in 2004 at a cost of approximately $50 million. Till  date, lot of developments have been happening in  Dubai Flower Centre to provide the ultimate resources for the related business. It still undergoes modifications based on the changing trends of technology and business structure. The center will continue construction in other two phases and it is their faith that it will effectively offer an enhanced level of automation over a period of between five to seven years in processing flower products. For starters, it will begin with a semi- automated system with manual sorting before ultimately becoming fully automated in its whole processes.

At the moment, Dubai Flower Centre is capable of handling up to 150,000 tons of flowers and other perishables. The center, the fully developed and automated phase has a floor area of about 100,000 square meters which provides chambers for export and offices apart from product breakdown and buildup stations and automated sorting areas. With all these in place, the handling capacity of Dubai Flower Centre is projected to surpass 300,000 metric tons of perishable products throughput per every year. In addition, Dubai Flower Centre is equipped with the cold storage facility which is fully bonded and measures 34,000m2. It also houses around 19 tenants from 11 countries that offer a diverse range of products and varieties of cut flowers, fruits, foliage, plants and vegetables.

Once fully operational, it is anticipated to serve as an international market with over two billion regulars. Its strategic position makes it a new hub for emergence and growth of floriculture industry in the 21st century. In addition, it is designed to meet floriculture transportation needs by providing:

  • Rapid consolidation and trans- shipment
  • Increased capacity and connection to and from major global trading points
  • World’s best cool chain management
  • Resources and facilities to enable cost effective value- addition
  •  Facilitates and support to enable efficient commercial transactions

Dubai Flower Centre besides generating revenue for the country also provides the locals with job opportunity and a chance for them to change their lives. Investor’s needs are also catered for since it is easy to set up a business in either flower selling or vegetables. Clearing and forwarding companies are also encouraged to register with the board so as to speed up the process of clearing goods immediately they arrive for their departure. All this is done to ensure fast and reliable services for  tenants  who want to use the centre with top quality resources in order to keep their products fresh.

Dubai Flower Centre can also be a one stop destination for travelers and tourist interested in buying flowers for their loved ones. Everything here is well wrapped and covered in a presentable manner. Among the well known companies in Dubai Flower Centre are Alissar flowers, Shirin flowers and Ceylinco Foliage Export Ltd just to mention a few.

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