Dubai Sports City


Dubai Sports City is a perfect territory, comprising world’s largest sports complexes designed exclusively for sports related activities. The city lies approximately in 50,000,000 square feet land and estimated to have cost approximately $4 billion. Obviously ,one can agree that it is a haven tailor made city for sports fanatics.

As name indicates, and part of Dubai, where development is dynamic, it is another giant venture dedicated to propelling sports to the next level. Visiting the place makes one feel that they have landed in paradise and based on the opinions of many sports enthusiasts, this is a must go place, at least once in a lifetime. It is a city within a city and is surrounded by state of the art, profligate amenities which make entertainment exciting and of high quality.

Besides offering sports fanatics first class treatment, it also spoils them with a variety of choices to make. This includes deciding where to be i.e. shopping mall, live musical concerts, and restaurant facilities or to be in a football stadium. It is surrounded with ice rinks and displays magnificent view making its appearance amazing.

In addition, Dubai Sports City will also include a wide range of commercial and residential developments anticipated to be in a world class city. It’s also surrounded with international schools, world class business hotels and first class medical amenities. Apart from this, Dubai Sports City is also encircled with properties ranging from luxurious to state of the art residential apartments which cater for everybody’s taste and budget.

All these developments brought Dubai Sports City to the limelight. Every investor thinks that this is the place to be. Why?

  • First, it’s located in Dubai. A place referred to as the heart of modern day Dubai, one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This place attracts everyone without limits ranging from residents to investors. What attracts them is the tax free status and increasing property values. With this growth of both the population and economy, Dubai has been able to sustain the level of demand for property, having this trend believed to continue in the future.
  • Second factor, making Dubai Sports City an ideal place for investors is the growth and increasing affluence of visitors to Dubai. According to recent figures that were released by the Ministry of Tourism and Commerce marketing in Dubai indicates that hotel occupancy rate went high by excess of 85% and over 90% in the 5-star class.
  • Thirdly, is the main purpose of the region? Dubai Sports Centre is considered to be the changing face of sports; it has over time globalized major sports like golf, football and tennis. With modern day sports population increase, display of sports has been revolutionized. Satellite television has ensured that games like premier league may be watched with an audience of about billions around the world. This was not the case before the construction of Dubai sports city. Increased access to sports by sports fans has led increased amount of money collected in the process and due to this, it is rumored to be a perfect bid for Olympic Games.

With the above factors, Dubai Sports Centre is believed to be the next generation phenomenon in sports globalization

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