Evaluating Your Payroll Management System

Manoj Kumar, Partner


Payroll Management System

A payroll management system streamlines and automates the process of paying a company’s employees. Accurate and timely payment of wages play a crucial role in the functioning of an enterprise and for this, an affordable, efficient and smooth payroll process is mandatory. The role of payroll management system is not limited to calculating wages of employees; it includes talent management capabilities that simplifies HR processes. An integrated talent management solution will have the tools and reports required to maintain compliance, including employee verification, tax compliance, minimum wage and overtime compliance and equal employment opportunity compliance.

Out of the diverse payroll services available, choosing the best one that suits your business is essential. You need to ask the right questions while evaluating the efficiency of your payroll process.

  • Money spent on payroll system

Enterprises need to analyse the size of their business and allocate a fixed budget for payroll processing. It is advisable to go for a system which offers a transparent cost per employee per month structure.

  • Flexibility of payroll system

The payroll system must be flexible and compatible enough to grow with your business, to add or modify any number of salary components and to quickly adapt to new regulatory changes.

  • Security of payroll system

Payroll systems store sensitive employee data including their contact details that makes it vulnerable to hacking. While evaluating payroll management systems utmost importance should be given to data protection and security and password protection of the payroll system must be ensured.

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