HLB Hamt discusses the Enter UAE strategy at The Portugal International Business Meeting 2015 at Lisbon Portugal



The Portugal International Business Meeting, organized by the Portuguese Industrial Association – Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AIP-CCI), enabled more than a hundred domestic companies disclose the products to 162 entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries such as the US, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Middle East and China.

Mr. Davis Kadavan and Mr. Lavin TK led the delegation from HLB Hamt, Dubai. The duo participated in discussions held as part of the conference and held meetings with the investors and promotion agencies to collaborate on “Entry strategy to UAE” and highlighted the robust investment environment and growth opportunities in Dubai as well as provided an overview of the trends and patterns in foreign direct investment At the event, held on 25 and 26 June, at the Congress Centre in Lisbon, the Portuguese companies, in addition to the exhibition area with the respective products, held bilateral meetings with international partners of most interest to your business.

The Portugal International Business Meeting aimed to enhance and raise awareness of the products and services of national companies to potential international buyers and investors in order to increase the export intensity of domestic firms and diversify markets.

This initiative of great international dimension, which was attended by 162 investors / importers from more than 30 countries, including Lusophone, Europe, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle and Far East, North and Latin America, the first time, the AIP-CCI has made known the best that is produced in Portugal in the row house sectors (construction, designs, materials and equipment for the construction, interior decoration), Agriculture and Agro-Industry, Food & Beverage, Consulting, Education, Equipment, Energy, Industry, Logistics, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Services, Technology, Transport and Tourism, among others.

The Portugal International Business Meeting, included in the “Export Contact” project, thus provided a unique opportunity to establish privileged contacts with companies and institutions that contribute to the business success of Portuguese businessmen who participated in the event.

For national SMEs with potential for internationalization, Portugal International Business Meeting included five areas of interaction in the same space, in order to facilitate the movement of participants: exposure, institutional area, bilateral meetings, an auditorium for seminars and area social.

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