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IT systems are such area where many firms spend huge amount of funds understanding the hidden benefits. Areas like operations and services get immensely benefited from such advantages brought by IT. But at first the managements of such firms have to ensure that the IT systems prevailing are completely reliable and trustworthy. Keeping in mind the dynamic nature of business and also the world of technologies, IT systems have to be reliable.

IT (Information Systems) Audit Services are extremely important since they assure that the prevailing system is completely secure and protected. IT Audit services can be generally described as a process of obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine whether an IT system safeguards the organizational assets, uses the resources efficiently, maintains data security and integrity and should fulfill the business requirements. Users also get reliable information and the holistic development and growth of the organization can be assured. Additionally, IT audit support alleviates the risks that pose tampering with data, loss and even leakage of data, disturbances in services and also mal management of services.

HLB Hamt is endowed with experts who can efficiently and successfully carry out IT audit services and provide additional support in the form of IT auditors when needed. The very approach that we, at HLB Hamt would help you in supporting all kinds of financial objectives that encompasses accuracy, authorization, completeness and also the presence of transactions. Our services would also identify illegal transactions and stop such activities.

When it comes to risk-based methodology, we offer IT audit services promising to safeguard integrity, confidentiality and the availability of all important and required information timely.

Need for IT Audit:

As computers are used even in small organizations, therefore it is imperative for auditors to specifically consider the impact of IT on their IT audit methodologies. It can be used for various purposes ranging from transaction processing and financial accounting to decision support and data mining system.

The objectives of our IT audit services are as following:

  • We offer IT audit on financial statements. We evaluate the perfection and trustworthiness of data from the IT systems which have a direct impact on the financial statements of your company.
  • We offer our IT audit services that comply with IT policies and methods, IT controls as well as business stability and also the laws that are applicable.
  • Our IT audit services also are applicable on performance. We verify outlay of funds, if any wastage is there; and also inefficient use and management of the IT systems.

We offer different type of IT Audit which is as follows:

  • Control Review
  • Audit of financial system
  • Audit of developing system
  • Forensic Audit
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

The process of IT Audit normally includes:

  • Planning
  • Evaluation of controls
  • Evidence Collection and evaluation
  • Reporting and follow up

We are known to our esteemed clients for our methodologies:

  • We are expert in planning.
  • We are endowed with skills in requirement study and analysis of situation.
  • We carry out immaculate review of documents.
  • You can blindly depend n us for identification of risks and reporting thereby.

We specialize in the following which makes us truly special:

  • We are brimming with the highest quality staff from diverse background having relevancy with your organizational needs.
  • We would give you solid security which you can completely rely upon. Our security would include policies, physical security, storage, data in transit and also penetration testing of network.
  • We do a thorough review of controls. All the aspects of change management would be included in controls.
  • We give the ultimate guarantee of data protection. We do not leave any gap in the solutions that we provide.
  • In matters of legal compliance we are unparalleled. This happens to be the most important and the most difficult part of an audit system. This is where our highly specialized skills are employed. We offer additional legal knowledge as part of our audit services so that we can ensure that our esteemed client has policies that are completely in accordance with legal requirements.
    We offer excellent cost analysis services. We help to work with every organization for determining and documenting costs that are associated with IT audit services.
  • In a nutshell, it can be said that we would give the best kind of IT audit services where you can just sit back and relax while we do the hard task on your behalf.

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