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Advancements and innovations in internet technology have reaped many benefits; at the same time there are various risks and threat associated with it. Businesses secure all vital information regarding their company and clients on their systems and one should never turn a blind eye on the security risks that might arise out of it. Mitigating risk is important to avoid security breach and an accurate audit of your IT systems will prove to be beneficial here.

IT audit is the examination of an organization’s information technology structure, operations, and software programs. IT audit ensures that the existing IT controls safeguard corporate assets and cross-checks whether the IT controls are in line with the overall business goals of the company. The proper functioning of information-related controls and processes are ensured with the help of IT audit.

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    Major Features of IT Audit Services

    • Ensuring data / Information integrity & Classification
    • Preventing/detecting unauthorized Changes.
    • Reducing the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage
    • Evaluating the capability of the firm to safeguard its information assets
    • Understanding the key technology risks of the organization

    Our Services


    IT Risk Management

    Choosing the correct audit firm to assess your IT process is a crucial thing. It requires experts trained in the field of auditing who has a keen eye for security. HLB HAMT is endowed with experts who can efficiently and successfully carry out IT audit services in Dubai and provide additional support in the form of IT auditors when required. We are ready to go the extra mile to help you fight risk and keep your data safe. We offer IT audit on financial statements, that comply with IT policies and methods, IT controls as well as business stability.

    In collaboration with internal audit, business, and IT leadership, we can convert risk profile into a program of targeted audits designed to more deeply assess the current risk levels and identify viable options for mitigation.

    Our IT Audit program can bring much-needed specialized skills and knowledge to your internal audit program, help in risk assessment and help you leverage tools and technology not available to the typical internal audit shop.

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