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Six-month Multiple Entry Visa and Permanent Residency

Jaya Krishnan


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    The UAE government has recently announced a six-month multiple entry visa for certain categories of individuals. Investors, talented individuals and outstanding students will be granted the visa and this gives them the opportunity to prolong their stay in the country.

    The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has activated 3 new services on its portal. All the services grant visa for a period of 6 months, with variations in the number of visits. Investors can make multiple visits to complete residency procedures with the help of a 6-month visa. In the case of entrepreneurs and outstanding students, several trips can be made with their 6-month visa to complete long-term residency procedures. Talented individuals will also be granted a 6-month visa, but the number of visits will be restricted to just one.

    The new visa scheme will help individuals in identifying opportunities of their interest. An Emirates ID card will be issued by the ICA to the six-month visa holders that will help them complete procedures such as opening bank accounts, property registration and other transactions, easily.

    People who fulfil the conditions for long-term residency can apply through e-channels and through their accounts on the system, without a six-month entry visa.

    It’s been just a week since the scheme launched and ICA has already received 6000 applications from investors and entrepreneurs.

    The government has also come up with a permanent resident system named ‘Golden Card’, for investors and for exceptional workers in the fields of health, engineering, science and art.

    According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, “Gold Card permanent residence will be awarded to exceptional and talented individuals, and to whoever contributes positively to the UAE’s success story. We want those people to be permanent partners in our journey. All of the residents of the UAE are our brothers and part of our large family.”

    The permanent residency scheme will be highly beneficial to the country and its property market. It will change people’s perception about UAE; they will start seeing the country as a home and not just a temporary plan.

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